Link Wray Biography

Link WrayBorn: May 2, 1935 in Dunn, North Carolina.

Biography: “Link” Wray had a smash hit ” Rumble ” on Cadence in 1958. One of the most prolific rock guitarist of all time taught an entire generation of youth in the 50′s the meaning of Rock n Roll through the strings of his guitar. No guitarist after ” Rumble ” could touch what Link Wray could do on a six string electric guitar. He was a true pioneer of the power cord that he introduced with ” Rawhide ” and “Jack The Ripper” in 1959. He was without a doubt the man who set the standard for anyone who picked up a guitar after “Rumble,” considered the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll instrumental ever recorded.

Current Status: Link Wray passed away in 2002 in Denmark.

Inducted: September 11, 2007 at the First Annual Inductions Awards Ceremony in Oklahoma, City, OK. He was also given The Lifetime Achievement Award accepted by his daughter Beth Wray Webb.

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