Pat Boone: Look At Those White Buck Shoes

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charles eugene pat boone was born in nashville, usa on june 1 1934. pat boone is a relative of “daniel boone” so he was sorta famous before he got started. we don’t know if “daniel boone” could sing or not ? he spent a lot of time in the back woods and was never captured by any indians and yet maybe he was? if so it’s possible not likely just possible that the indians let him go because he sang so bad? i suppose we’ll never know ? what we do know is daniel boone’s relative pat boone could sing and sing as well as anyone who ever stepped up to a microphone. pat could do it all, he sang well, played baseball, basketball, and ran track well while he was in high school. pat boone was the real all american boy at his high school. he was president of the student body, and elected the most popular boy at his high school in nashville. he went to david lipscomb college in nashville where he met fell in love with and married shirley foley the daughter of country singer red foley. he transferred and graduated from north texas college. while attending north texas college he auditioned for the ted mack amateur hour and won. then he auditioned for arthur godfrey’s talent scout show and won again. arthur godfrey liked him so much he hired him as a regular on the show. the first record company he recorded for was republic records in nashville. several records were released without much notice, his singing career was headed for nowhere until his disc-jockey buddy hugh cherry of radio station wmak in nashville got him in touch with randy wood who owned “dot” records in gallatin, tn. wood was highly impressed with “pat’s” singing ability, how could randy wood not be impressed wood wasn’t blind or tone deaf and he would have had to have been both not to sign “pat boone”. once again his first release’s on dot weren’t hits, and his singing career was going nowhere. then in 1955 someone suggested he cover fat’s domino’s hit “ain’t that a shame”. from that point on pat boone became known to every teenager in america and the world over. his white buck shoe’s became his trade mark, and it was by accident, he wore them everywhere he went because they were the only shoe’s he had. when pat boone became famous he wasn’t a millioniare, and his white buck shoes were all he had to wear. by the time he could buy any kind of shoe he wanted and pay any price for them, those cheap, cheap, white bucks were his trademark. when he stopped recording in 1966 he had 66 hits to his credit he was a millioniare several time over and had made several sucessful movies, “april love” was a big box office hit in the 50′s. pat boone, had he wanted to, could have been as big a rock star as the one and only “elvis”. pat boone took the less famous route. pat had his own tv show which was very suscessful. pat boone of course is not as famous as elvis. pat boone is a legend in rock a billy and it cannot be denied the songs he recorded were rock a billy and he promoted rock a billy as well as anyone in the in the business. i don’t think rock n roll or rock a billy would have been as big as it is without pat boone. it’s true he took a religious stand and there were things he wouldn’t do and places he wouldn’t play. elvis should have been so lucky, on the short haul elvis made more money, and was ten times more famous. elvis lived fast, loved hard, and died young and left a beautiful memory, until the truth came out, that a lot of his life was a nightmare. on the long haul pat boone has lived to spend his money, and he has been an a good citizen, not that elvis wasn’t. i have always loved his early songs, “love letters in the sand”, “i’ll be home”, “ain’t that a shame”, “bernardine”, “moody river”, and “wonderful time up there”, are my favorites. pat boone helped make our walk down memory most pleasant, after all when it’s all said and done, memories are made of this, and a thousand other things that came from those thrilling days of the 50′s.

~ Widmarc Clark

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